Financial freedom

Financial freedom

People all over the world have had the tendency of confusing wealth with financial freedom. The truth is, one can be earning twenty thousand dollars per year but happy yet their counterpart is earning in an excess of six digits yet in a pool of sadness. But when one did a single survey on these two parties they will realize both have a goal of obtaining more money.

But the sad part of this journey to financial freedom is that very few of us ever try to reach the end of this journey. However, the good news is more and more people are picking up interest in directing their lives in this direction and are registering good results.

What does it mean to be financially free?


Whenever the word financial freedom comes to my mind I think about a simple statement “never worry about money” In doing so your decisions are not tied to how much money you have. To explain to you better about financial independence: is freedom from thirst, there is no living human being that does not need water in order to survive. In the western world, the abundance of water means that one cannot worry about the presence of water, therefore, water is eliminated as a part of a driving force in decision making.

Therefore, saying that you are financially independent is the same as saying you are free of thirst. Certainly, money has a very big role to play in your life but it will not be the biggest factor that influences your goals. Most people also continue to mistake financial freedom as a point in time when you stop working. That is wrong; to me, it means to be able to work at your own pace yet earning the money that you need. Financial freedom should mean not being tied to a location, a job with financial reasons as the influencing factor.

More so, being free of debts does not necessarily mean that you are financially free.  Essentially being financially free simply means not being influenced by anything financial in your life such as your income, your debts or even your expenses. Most people forget that money has no limit, as you would drink water and at one point you need to stop drinking, it I not the same as spending or earning money. As I get older I realize that the thing I need the most in my life is time. I need time that I will be able to share with my family, time to share with my other loved ones like friends and relatives.

Two simple steps to financial freedom


Financial freedom is not an easy road map you wake up in the morning and draw and it is accomplished. Being financially free means hard work, it means waking up every day and adhering to the strict plan that you and maybe your partner have decided to draw up.

  1. Develop money positive attitudes or behavior towards money is awful, people believe having more money means calling evil into your home, other believe that they have a short lie, therefore, should spend what they can spend. Money is not evil it is your thinking that is already evil.
  2. Develop financial freedom goalsEverybody needs a roadmap and in order to have a real grasp of it you need to review them on a daily basis. By doing so they become part of you and easy to apply.